Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Music of the Soul-The Pierces.

They are sisters. They are super stylish. A little dark. A little bubble-gum pop. They are quirky and sexy all at the same time. Super, no, no I'm not talking about April and I, silly. I'm talking about The Pierces, Catherine and Alison. (They do really remind me of us though.)

What I love about them is that they easily could have gone mainstream with their looks and their talent but they decided to do their own thing. On more than one occasion I've heard people say they are a little scary or weird...which I love, because I don't know how many times April and I have been described that way too.

In any case, I love their voices. They harmonize beautifully and have a very upbeat yet mystical sound. They incorporate a mixture of different instruments on the tracks which give their music an ethnic/gypsy vibe. Their third album Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge is by far their best (as far as I know on this one they did all of the creative work themselves). Who wouldn't love a sister duo that sings "Don't be silly, turn on Billie, she's singin' us to sleep so we can dream our lives away. And if we wake up in full makeup, we'll paint the town pink cuz baby red is so passe"? Amazing. I'm not entirely sure why they haven't had more of a following...maybe because they are unusual but not so over the top eccentric that they fall into the Devendra Banhart category. And they are cute and poppy but not so much that they fall into the Britney Spears category. They are lost somewhere in the middle....but really aren't we all?

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