Monday, April 13, 2009

Music of the soul- Francoise Hardy

One of my all time favorites. Francoise Hardy. She is a French lounge-type singer who was popular in the 60's. She is a style icon and chanteuse extraodinaire...did I mention she's French? Her music is fairly simplistic (though I think anything in French is fabulous) and it's very catchy. I highly recommend purchasing The Vogue Years which is a great CD collection of her work including "Tous Les Garçons et Les Filles" which is probably her most popular song. So awesome to listen to while washing your lingerie by hand in lavender water or drinking champagne and playing dress up before you go out with the girls...or something equally pretentious.

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jen said...

hehe your description of what I should be doing while listening to this made me laugh. I do very much love Francoise Hardy. So while we are talking about french ladies do you also love Coralie Clement? Her new album toystore is awesome! and what about Yelle- so fun!! I listen to the pop up cd while I clean and it makes it very enjoyable as I dance around dusting. hehe