Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Finally another post. I actually started feeling the creative bug again and have been crafting while I have the free time. Ben and I joined his friend Jen and her husband on the 21st of September at Start on the Street, an arts festival in Worcester. Ben sold a few prints and I made bottle cap necklaces as a last resort since I determined at the last minute that the shadow boxes I was making were not yet fit to be viewed by the public. Anyway here is a pic of the final product. I'm dabbling with paint, mixed media, even papier mache and I can't seem to focus all of my creative energy on any one thing. I'm hoping that if I just keep making myself create then it will just start coming more naturally to me. Right now I am still way too controlling with it. It's been difficult to just let it happen. Blogging is another thing that will hopefully get easier with time. I seem to think that I must have something profound to say in order to type it out, though right now no one is actually reading these so I should probably just stop obsessing about how I sound and post away. I am also playing around with Ben's old camera. He gave me an assignment awhile ago to take close up photos to get comfortable with that setting (hence the other photos). So not only will you now have to be subjected to my meager attempt at writing but you will also get to see my photography progression (or regression). Enjoy! Well, here is to more craft projects and more blog posts!