Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ma Maison-Studio.

I had an unexpected day off today so I did some spring cleaning in the studio. Here are a few pictures. This is my creative space where I paint, collage, and attempt to sew. It's always a mess and every inch of it is covered with glitter but that seems to be the best for inspiring art.

My work space:

A work in progress:
A mixed media piece I did of myself for inspiration:


Did you doubt that there would be Parisian influence?:

My paint box:

A cozy reading nook:

Well equipped with decorating magazines and tea:


Odds and ends:

Fabric scraps:


And more storage:

As messy as it is, I do really love creating here:

And finally, every studio needs a unicorn:

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burnt mayonaisse. said...

you take really fantastic photos lady!