Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Altered Art.

I began an altered art and collage class Monday nights at the Worcester Art Museum. So far it has been great for inspiring new projects. I'll be sure to post more as I create. In the meantime, my friend Gina and I have decided to organize our own art class. Every week we will be sending one another an inspirational photo or tidbit to base a piece off of. Here was the inspiration for last week:

And here is what I came up with:

The antique Valentine's that Gina sent reminded me of a vintage vanity for some reason so I decided to use an empty makeup compact. I distressed it with acrylic paint and sandpaper and then embellished it with bits of the actual print as well as roses, pearls, glitter and a small frame. What's great is that Gina and I couldn't wait to see how different each of our projects came out but they are actually very similar, I think we even used the same plastic roses that we salvaged from my craft room! Check hers out at http://abbreviatedfrom5feet.blogspot.com/ and stay tuned for next weeks project.

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burnt mayonaisse. said...

wow. we even both used pearls. thats so funny. again..i cant tell you how happy i am to be doing this. maybe we should get your sister in on this..start our own class. ima work on it!