Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lazy Summer Days.

I've been spending the last few days at my mom's house after her wedding (pictures to come) this past weekend to look after the puppy and just to enjoy some "me time". I found this old crazy quilt in the closet and it inspired a summer afternoon photo shoot (ok not exactly a photo shoot, more or less I ran around the yard with my boyfriend's little cool pix camera and snapped photos like a mad woman while the neighbors looked at me funny).  I have to ask my mom the full story behind the quilt. I know it used to be on her bed when I was little and I remember taking naps in her bed and falling asleep looking at all the different vintage patterned fabrics. I think a few of the fabrics were from my mom's old dresses when she was a girl. I love vintage treasures and heirlooms so now I am in love with it again and have it on my guest bed. I hope everyone is enjoying these last days of summer!


burnt mayonaisse. said...

very nice photos m'lady

Chris said...

You always take the coolest photos.