Monday, July 26, 2010

Swift Fox.

I have been seeing a little Red Fox on my boyfriend's road quite frequently and it's got me on a fox kick. I've been meaning to use him as inspiration for an art project for some time. I commissioned a painting from my friend Gina a few days ago - check out her wonderful work here. But I got impatient and did one myself. So here it is. Materials used: Vintage wallpaper, acrylic paint, ferns, and stain.


Karen M said...

Start a dream board for your antique shop! Cut out photo's of what it might look like inside and out, and anything you can find that you would like to sell there... or, maybe you already have one?

Amber said...

Excellent idea! I have dream boards for general goals but I love the idea of doing a specific one for my antique shop. Thanks for sharing!