Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gypsy Life.

I've been "homeless" for a few weeks now as we are trying to save up some more money for an apartment. Not the worst situation to be honest. It has made me reconsider what's actually important in life and it's refreshing not to have so much "stuff" around me all the time. Don't get me wrong....I can't wait to start decorating a new apartment and stocking up on spices in fancy jars and exorbitantly priced bath soaps but for the time being I'm enjoying the gypsy life.  I can't have everything with me so I've been forced to choose just a few vital things to lug around with me in the interim. I guess that says a lot about a person. If you had to fit your most important things in a backpack what would they be? Mine looks like this:
1. Kitty
2.Books  (Currently reading The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway Half the Sky by Nick Kristof and        Sheryl WuDunn)
3 Essential oils
4. Sundresses and bathing suit
5. Journal
6. Deck of yoga cards

I also somehow managed to fit the almost the entire contents of my craft room into the back of my car. Hey.... a girl's gotta  create!
So, although it hasn't been too bad not having a permanent address, I am thinking that one of these lovely wagons would make my plight that much more tolerable. I am planning on owning one of these at some point in my life. Can't you just picture this as a backyard retreat?


Anonymous said...

Oh they are so unique and romantic. Yes I would love to own one too. The vibrancy of them is breath taking. They stimulate the mind and emotions all at once. Where did you ever find so many pictures of them?????

Anonymous said...

Oh I love those gypsy wagons. They are so vibrant, alive, colorful, spontaneous, bold and romantic. Makes you want to drive away with one. Imagine a dark eyed lover at your side, singing you a ballard as you travel along to where ever you please, whenever you please. What a wonderful freeing experience. Must be the gypsy blood coming out in me.