Sunday, March 15, 2009


We didn't have too much going on this Sunday. I re-potted a few plants that I picked up for free on Craigslist (if you haven't guessed-I have a bit of an addiction to Craigslist). They were all in desperate need of some help and their owner is moving to Alaska so he needed a new home for them. There is a palm-type tree, a little cactus, two tropical type plants which I can't identify and a sad little sprig of Ivy that is hanging on for dear life. We will see if I can work my magic on them. I also planted some flower seeds in plastic egg cartons a few days ago and I already have a few tiny sprouts! It is finally starting to feel like spring! Ben and I also got a few new fish for our tank-two siamese algae eaters and two beautiful angel fish. I also finished working on my "Vision Board" today. I made one of these at a job a couple of years ago and it was so inspiring I wanted to do another one. Basically you sit down and write out your goals and aspirations (short term or long term). Then find pictures that represent those goals and create your "board". I took it a step further and decided to keep a journal on how I am going to acheive those goals. It was really fun to make and the end result was just so colorful and happy. I love it! I'm going to post mine in my studio so that I don't lose sight of what my dreams are for this year. Here are the pics from a productive Sunday! Hope everyone has a great week! Paix et joie!

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