Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ok enough about hair and beds and Meow Cats. Back to art. I've been focusing all of my creative energy into decorating recently and haven't sat down and actually created much lately. I'm working on a project for my Altered Art and Mixed Media class. The project is to make a doll...we can interpret that however we wish. I haven't decided if I will post pics of the progress or wait until I can show you the finished product. I did, however, manage to capture Ben in a candid moment watching T.V. a couple weeks ago. Here you go. Boy, he looks grouchy... I must've been making him watch American Idol.

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jen said...

great sketch amber! I am trying to sketch/draw more during the week as well. Its not going as well as planned but seeing this gave me the little kick in the butt I neededto stick with it.
Great job!