Sunday, October 5, 2008

Last of the Flowers.

Here are the pics of my garden's last flowers. I don't know what they are all called but there is a Nasturtium, Marigold, Lavender. The multi-colored one is a 'Confetti Flower'. It's the prettiest little flower and it 'throws' tons of little flowerettes if you brush up against it-hence the name. I was really happy with how most of these photos turned out. The images came out nice and sharp (though I will see what Ben has to say). Enjoy my garden!

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artquest1 said...

You seem quite interested in photography, and judging by your original first post, you are also quite interested in 'saying something to the world - both today's world as well as the future."
Two thoughts:
Your pictures are good, but you would benefit from two things - the use of a tripod, and better use of depth of field.
Regarding your interest in art - you might be interested in reading my blog (temporarily discontinued but still posted) as I believe it might speak directly to you.
If you'd like some information about depth of field, drop me an e-mail:
and if you feel my writings are of any benefit, I'd appreciate hearing about that also.
Good luck.